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Your best interest is my only interest.

I Know Retirement 

Since I work almost exclusively with those preparing for or in retirement, I am well acquainted with your issues and how to solve them. 

Together, we will discuss topics like when you can retire, how to estimate and pay for health care, which pension plan to accept, how to integrate Social Security benefits and much more.

No High-Pressure Sales 

I will never pressure you into buying anything. 

You can be confident I will only recommend actions and investments that are in your best interest. 

No Conflict of Interest

Most financial advisors are driven by commissions they earn by selling specific products. 

You may be told their services are “free” – but these commissions, along with other hidden fees, are a direct cost to you. 

My “fee-only” model means I charge my services that we discuss up-front.  It’s customized for your unique situation. Plain, simple and no hidden conflicts of interest.

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