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Expert advice
for those in or
preparing for retirement

Welcome to Erickson Financial Solutions

I'm Steve Erickson

Serving others has always been a big part of who I am. I began early when as a child I helped my father work around the family-owned apartment complex. Later, I taught prospective pilots how to fly helicopters in the Army as an instructor pilot. Now, I help people protect, grow and enjoy their wealth through careful planning.

Most of my clients are long-term thinkers who are in or preparing for retirement. Many come to me unsure when or if they can retire and what it will take to meet their financial goals. All need someone who can guide them confidently.

I can help you understand the financial issues you are facing – like how much to invest, planning for health care costs and Social Security strategies. My goal is to be your trusted, “go-to” advisor for all things financial.        

Meet Steve