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Easy to understand fees

My fees are based upon your unique situation.  

For financial planning, I charge $150/hour. An initial retirement plan is typically between $1,500 - $5,000 depending on complexity. On-going services range from $750 - $6,000 per quarter, depending on complexity. For brief engagements when not an ongoing client I charge $180/hour with a $360 minimum.

Portfolio management fees also vary based on complexity, but commonly range from $750 - $6,000 per quarter.

I want you to feel the service I’ve provided is worth more than what you’ve paid.

Note: While I don’t have required asset minimums. I also don’t want fees to be an impediment to reaching your goals.  Most of my clients have an annual household income greater than $150,000 or a net worth greater then $500,000.

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