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Objective, unbiased advice

I am here to guide you toward your goals and help you see the “big picture” of your entire financial situation.  When you work with me, you will understand your options and how best to proceed.

Our Services Include:


Retirement planning/analysis
Social Security Optimization
Comprehensive Planning
Portfolio Management
Retirement and Investment Related Tax Advice  
Monitor Investment and Plan Progress

Investment Philosophy

I will never pressure you into buying anything. 

You can be confident I will only recommend actions and investments that are in your best interest. 

I am an “evidence-based” advisor.

That means I focus on what can be controlled:

  • Keeping fees and costs low
  • Deferring or eliminating taxes
  • Globally diversifying your portfolio
  • Tilting your portfolio towards factors that correlate with higher expected returns
  • An appropriate asset allocation (the division of your portfolio between stocks, bonds, and cash), based on your ability, willingness, and need to take risk.

I will always explain the pros and cons of investment alternatives and what an investment can or cannot do. 

Of course, any plan will be influenced by your investment tolerance and ability to stay the course. I believe a reasonable plan, well executed, is far superior to a great plan, poorly executed.