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Below are selected statements, articles, and videos that will help answer the questions I hear the most.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to my money if something happens to you?

Every dollar that I manage on your behalf is, and will always remain, in your name and entirely in your control. I have relationships with other trusted advisors that I am happy to provide if you are interested. However, you have no obligation to use them should something happen to me.

Do you pick individual stocks?

No.  Instead, I find an appropriate mix of low- cost investments that suit your life goals. The evidence is overwhelming that the price of publicly traded stocks and bonds incorporates all publicly available information in nanoseconds. Efforts to find mispriced stocks are unlikely to be successful.

Read this article by Larry Swedroe, the Director of research for the BAM ALLIANCE, for an excellent discussion of this subject.

Selected Videos

Tuning Out the Noise

The Science of Investing

Selected Articles

How To Videos

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When is the best time to retire?

Don't Let Timing Ruin Your Retirement.

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