Move With Confidence Towards Your Goals


As a fee only, independent, CFP® professional and fiduciary, we provide financial planning, retirement and investment advice in Columbia and Jefferson City Missouri.


Life is complicated, today more so than ever. If you feel a little lost from time to time, you needn’t feel badly. Even the most intelligent, thoughtful people can have a hard time making sense of things – especially when it comes to personal financial matters.


The financial media doesn’t help; with the continual barrage of information in today’s electronic age, we all yearn for that calm, clear voice of reason – a trusted advisor to help us understand our options and how best to proceed.

Erickson Financial Solutions can help you integrate the many complicated facets of your life. With the help of several diverse, but important, professional experts, we’ll provide a seamless holistic plan of action to support and help you achieve your goals. We are dedicated to providing objective, unbiased advice that removes the clouds and helps you see the big picture of your entire financial situation.

Areas of expertise include:  

  • Retirement Planning
  • Portfolio and Investment Management 
  • Asset Protection Strategies 
  • Tax-Smart Money Strategies 
  • Asset Allocation Planning 
  • Comprehensive Financial Planning and Implementation
  • Estate Planning

While we focus on providing retirement services, investment planning and management is a specialty of ours. Our allocation and selection of investments is based upon growth and stability that is dictated by the goals and resources of the client.  Theories are nice, but what gives you peace of mind in your quest to achieve your goals is more important.  Ultimately, you must make the decision and commit to a long-term program of investing, and we are here to help guide or direct you through that process. We are fiduciaries - are duty is to you.

We feel an obligation to explore and explain the pros and cons of investment alternatives and the potential consequences of mixing and matching investments.  We provide context to and explanation of what an investment can or can not do.  Our bias is to use equity investments until the client is comfortable that growth is no longer an issue, or the client is uncomfortable with the investment type.  The reality is, however, that for most Americans, growth will be needed throughout retirement.

Of course, any plan must be tempered with your investment tolerance and ability to stay the course.  A reasonable plan, well executed, is far superior to a superb plan, poorly executed. When you’re ready to hear the voice of reason, think Erickson Financial Solutions. We're here ready to help you move with confidence toward your goals as your fiduciary, fee only advisor.