Move With Confidence Towards Your Goals

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Clients stay with us to:

  • Make tax-smart decisons with their money and investments
  • Retire young enough to enjoy it
  • Avoid running out of money during retirement
  • Mitigate taxes
  • Avoid anxiety, mistakes, and time wasted in self-managing assets
  • Invest to better grow and protect their investments
  • Take steps now to provide for the active retirement they desire
  • Acheive their most heart-felt goals
  • Select the best exit strategy for when retirng with a lump sum or pension question
  • Find smart asset protection strategies
  • Organize and safeguard their financial affairs for themselves and their family
  • Finance quality care or support for their parents
  • Meaningfully and positively intercede in the aspirations of their children

Naturally our Clients hold diverse goals, aspirations and personal concerns. Consequently, our solutions are tailored and unique to them.

Both planning for and the implementing of a plan is done in an open, trusting environment where fidelity to the Client is paramount. Unlike nearly all financial planners or advisors, we are a fiduciary to the client - we place their interests first.

Erickson Financial Solutions, LLC serves individuals in Columbia and Jefferson City, Missouri as a truly fee only financial/retirement planning and investment adviser. “Fee Only“ (commission-free) means as an advisor we do not accept third-party compensation or sell products. No one is truly Fee-only if any of their income comes from an outside source, so those who work for a brokerage firm or insurance company have an inherent conflict of interest.

Working stricly for the client gives us independence to evaluate their situation and suggest unbiased solutions to help them move with confidence toward their financial goals and a meaningful, active, and comfortable retirement.

Retirement, whether you are thinking of retiring or in retirement, can be stressful and complicated if you do not have a trusted advisor to help plan and take actions with you to reach your financial goals.

Managing your investments is important too.  Few individuals invest prudently and tax efficiently, not because they don't want to, but because they are too busy being good at what they do, don't wish to become an expert, or just can't keep track of it all. But eventually the family "nest-egg" gets too important to take expose it to unnecessary risks or to leave it in the hands of someone who would prefer to sell a product. This is where we can help by really look at what is best for you.

While we focus on financial planning for doctors, lawyers, pharmacist and other professionals, we work with a diverse group who need unbiased advice free of sales pressure so commonly found with standard financial planners or advisors. We are legally and ethically bound to put our client’s best interests first. To better assure you receive competent, objective advice, each advisor is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ with several years of experience.  See the attached bio. Financial planning and investment management for whatever your life goals may be are at the foundation of what we do for clients

Visit with Erickson Financial Solutions, LLC in Columbia or Jefferson City, MO. You'll be pleased with the collaborative, comfortable, and stress-free meeting. We think you will be pleasantly surprised with our unique service!


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